Preedy Glass is renowned for its glass processing.

Using specialist machinery, our craftspeople can convert large sheets of 'raw' glass and mirror into top-quality finished products of different types and thicknesses. Our range of skills enables us to provide each of our residential or commercial customers with a bespoke solution to their requirements.

Click on the icons below for introductions to all of our types of glass finishing, including edge polishing, which delivers a sleek, transparent finish.

  • Acid Etching

  • Bevelling

  • CNC

  • Cutting

  • Drilling

  • Easy Clean Coating

  • Glass Film

  • Painting

  • Polishing

  • Sandblasting

  • Toughening

  • UV Bonding

Acid Etching

Acid etching makes transparent glass opaque or translucent, perfect for when privacy is a requirement. Various decorative finishes are possible including stipples, and can be combined to apply stunning logos and images to the glass. This process is less abrasive than sandblasting and leaves a much smoother finish.


Bevelling or chamfering is a decorative, angled, bordered finish to a piece of glass or mirror.

A bevel on the face of the glass accentuates the mirror or glass and gives it an opulent look.

We are able to create face bevels between 6mm and 40mm wide.

A bevel on the edge of the glass is called mitre bevelling, and enables two pieces of glass to meet at various angled corners giving them an even look. This is in contrast to butt-jointed corners where one corner of the glass masters the other.


All of our glass can be routered and polished to almost any desired shape and to an incredibly high level of accuracy and quality with the use of modern CNC (Computer Numeric Cutting) machines. We require a minimum 6mm thick rigid template, or a DXF computer file to work from.


Our 6000mm x 3210mm automatic cutting bench enables us to optimise the cutting of rectangles and standard shapes of glass from 2mm to 25mm thick.

Should you have a requirement beyond the parameters of the automatic bench, our skilled workforce are able to hand cut glass to shape.


We have a comprehensive range of bore sizes from 6mm to 100mm in diameter to drill glass between 4mm to 25mm thick.

Our expert operatives can drill, saw, and finish intricate internal or external cut outs in the glass as required.

Easy Clean Coating

To make glass easier to clean, we can apply ClearShield © polymeric resin to the surface to improve performance and reduce maintenance. The resin forms a chemical bond, making it difficult for dirt to build up and adhere to the glass surface. This results in glass that looks brand-new for longer, and reduces the need for regular cleaning. ClearShield © can be applied to new and existing glass in both interior and exterior environments. It reduces limescale on shower glass, makes sandblasted glass easier to clean, and has anti-microbial properties that help reduce the growth of bacteria on glass splashbacks improving hygiene.

Glass Film

Glass film can serve a variety of purposes. It can be used as frosting for privacy; decoration or as a manifestation; as solar control to reduce solar gain and glare; anti-graffiti; for thermal insulation, or as a safety, security or bomb blast film. All films are scratch-resistant, and can be applied to new or existing glass. Should the glass break, any shards and fragments will be contained by the film reducing the risk of injury. We supply the film over the counter or offer a survey and installation service on site.


Our purpose-built dust-free spray booth guarantees a contaminant-free paint finish. Using two-part paint with a hardener from a long-established supplier ensures that once the back surface of the glass is painted, it's scratch resistant, increasing its longevity. Designs or logos can be masked using stencils, and painted from our selection of 60 colours including metallics, but we can also colour match if required.


As specialists in both frameless and thick glass, we don't just regard polishing the edge of glass as a way to prevent the edge being sharp, but as a thing of beauty.

We get the highest quality edges by buffing them with a cerium oxide polishing wheel installed on our machine. This is similar to what jewellers use to polish diamond rings, ensuring a transparent edge.

Simple or complex external edge shapes are ground and polished by our experienced craftsmen. If internal glass exposed cut-outs require a high quality polish, we can provide a CNC finish.


Sandblasting is the process of firing abrasive sand under pressure at glass to roughen its surface to a translucent finish. Using stencils and resists, any pattern, design or logo is possible, and with multiple stages of sandblasting to reach different depths, we can achieve amazing 3D effects which can be enhanced by edge-lighting the glass.


Preedy Glass can increase the strength of a standard piece of annealed glass by up to four times.

We achieve this by passing the glass through a furnace to a temperature of approximately 620°C, then rapidly cooling it.

This process also gives the glass increased resistance to thermal shock. If broken, it will fragment into small and harmless pieces meeting current European and British safety standards.

UV Bonding

UV bonding is the process of joining glass to glass, or glass to metal with a very thin layer of adhesive. When cured using ultra violet light, this adhesive leaves a finished bond that is crystal clear and very strong.

Preedy Glass were one of the first companies to see the exciting possibilities of UV bonding. Because of this, we have a wealth of experience in this process.