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A polished performance

A polished performance

Preedy Glass have recently had two edge polishing machines installed in their factory.

As specialists in processing thicker glass, we place great importance on the edge of the glass being a thing of beauty. The new machines have cerium oxide polishing wheels, which is similar to what jewellers use to buff up diamond rings, which enables us to supply a highly transparent edge.

The additional machine increases our capabilities and ensures we can be even more reactive to customer lead times.

We have also taken the opportunity to replace our bevelling machine this month to ensure we are at the forefront of glass processing.

Bevelling is a decorative angled bordered finish to a piece of glass or mirror which gives the finished product an opulent look, with bevel widths possible up to 50mm wide.

Chat with us

A live chat service has recently been added to our website, in order to improve customer service and ensure we respond to your needs. Please make use of the button and our in-house sales team will get back to you. Available online and via mobile.

Chat with us

Grey Venetian antique mirror

New Antiques

Preedy Glass supply a wide variety of antique mirrors; these are authentic reproductions of original antique mirrors; styled and coloured using a specially adapted silvering process. Our mirrors combine both form and function by incorporating abstract designs and a vast range of colours to suit even the most contemporary properties.

Preedy Glass are pleased to expand on our current 'Venetian' range with the additional of our new 'Grey Venetian', see left. This is available in both 4 & 6mm, samples are available on request.

TV Mirrors

Preedy Glass supply a coated glass product. When placed in front of a flat-screen television, this gives the illusion of a combined mirror and television screen.

When the space behind the coated glass is dark, it performs as an elegant mirror. As light from the television penetrates the coated glass, its reflective qualities are lost, giving an unrestricted view of the TV screen. This space-saving design reduces the copious amounts of floor or wall space required by today's large-screen televisions. Housing the television behind the mirror cuts clutter and significantly improves a room's appearance.

TV Mirrors
Material Backed

Material Backed

Our 'Water' range of aspirational interior wall and furniture cladding gives a wide spectrum of choice, including designs inspired by fine damask fabrics and many other textured materials. These wonderfully stylish room fascias create striking design statements that add warmth and boldness to any interior, thanks to their three-dimensional effects and vibrant colours. One of our most popular material-backed glass is the Mississippi, see below.

Mississippi material backed glass
Tinted Mirrors

Tinted Mirrors

Mirrors can be used to create the impression of space, and to maximise light sources in commercial surroundings. Preedy Glass have an extensive range, including diffused, acid-etched, technical products such as spy mirror and tinted alternatives including blue, green, bronze, gold, grey and peach. Tinted mirrors are currently in vogue, particularly the peach tint often called Copper mirror and was used in all rooms of a recent hotel refurbishment (below).

Copper mirror

Tinted mirrors hotel refurbishment

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